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Yes, it's not a normal roadmap

Q1/2023: Getting Ready

Mainly focus on building fundamental features of Tocen, trying out new things beyond community suggestions

Sui Testnet

  • Testnet Launch with built-in functions
  • Ambassadors Program
  • Community building
  • Wallet integration
  • Radar on Testnet
  • Finalize IDO/INO Launchpad feature
  • Finalize NFT Marketplace
  • Implement existing feature on Sui testnet v3

Q2/2023: Community-centered

Sui Mainnet

  • Onboard first batch launchpad IDO and INO projects
  • INO Master Key NFTs
  • Public token sale - $TOCE
  • Staking feature
  • Radar on Mainnet
  • Finalize Tocen Community Shield for IDO
  • Tocen Referral System
  • Dynamic NFT Release
  • Staking Mechanism
  • Items Airdrop for Master Key NFT holders

Q3/2023: Games

  • Mobile App
  • Dex Aggregator
  • Games Release
  • Data Aggregator
  • NFT Generative AI

Q4/2023: Community Tools & DAO

  • Assets management
  • NFT Liquidity Protocols
  • Analytic Features
  • Voting Mechanism & Tocen DAO

Q1/2024: Assets Management & Community Tools

  • Multichain services
  • Bridge Aggregator
  • Social Features