🍻ZERO-FEE LaunchPad

Zero-fee Launchpad with highly-standardized criterias? Why not?


Raising funds is not as hard as it was in the past. There are now ecosystems built to exist as a sort of place for projects seeking investors and capital to grow their products. It’s important to keep in mind that some are more effective than others, especially the trend leaders coming along with an open-minded team.

Innovation and growth are the 2 approaches that reflect Tocen’s purpose. Our team desires to be a bridge between projects and retail investors to help maximize their opportunities and get their products out there in front of the masses.

Why do we need a ZERO-FEE Launchpad?

Easy. It benefits the entire ecosystem. Let Tocen walk you through the article!

As Sui mainnet is approaching, we want to focus on supporting projects to evolve into their best version. Thus, our team has worked day and night and eventually come to the final decision that Tocen will be the 1st ZERO-FEE Launchpad ever built on SUI network.

We know, we know; this mechanism seems to be a non-profit strategy but it’s not. Tocen has been known as a community-driven and all-in-one platform, run by community for community. So we just want to make sure our customers are satisfied with the service first, profit may come later.

ZERO-FEE benefits projects

The market’s fluctuated these days, and no one knows exactly when it’s over. Projects are the ones who have the most problems encountering financial issues.


It pretends that projects raised $100,000 in their IDO, but afterward they have to pay a fraction of that for the Launchpad fees and some other additional costs, and finally they get back around $90,000. Meanwhile if they choose a ZERO-FEE Launchpad instead, the funds will be fully returned at any cost and around 10% of the funds are saved for other activities.

Tocen knows it very well. Thus, we’ve decided that ZERO-FEE is definitely an ideal mechanism for projects to survive at the moment. The less you pay, the more you spend. No matter how much you raise, Tocen commits not to charge anything, even a penny.

Once projects are charged less/no fees, they have more funds for other activities like marketing, property, airdrop funds, etc. to build and maintain. That’s exactly what Tocen aims to accomplish at the moment - help projects grow.


We’re highly welcoming high-quality projects on/to SUI and SEI network.

Apply here for IDO: - Sui: https://forms.gle/hwa923mJ8ouoPXRg6 - Sei: Updating ...

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