đŸĒ‚$TOCE Airdrop Season 1

Announcement on Quantity and Rules of TOCE Airdrop Season 1

At 10:00 (UTC) on May 13, 2023, Tocen took a snapshot of the platform user address. It has been announced that 6050 addresses on the Tocen platform have been included in the snapshot address list.

Airdrop range

The number of Airdrops obtained by users who have staked Master Keys, have Tocener role on Discord or holding Tocen Galxe OAT before the snapshot is the sum of the following actions:

1. Master Key Holders

Snapshot was taken at May 11, 10:00 UTC on all staked key in our Master Key Staking Pool

2. Toceners

This Discord role is in a separated channel and receive Tocen event information earlier than other roles. Addresses were collected in this Discord channel.

3. Galxe OAT Holders

These are holders of Galxe OAT Events announced on our Twitter, different OAT allow different amount of airdrop.

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