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Dynamic NFTs Mechanism

Dynamic NFTs and how it works.

What is Dynamic NFT?

Dynamic NFTs function as your certificate in Tocen Sharing Program. There are 3 tiers of NFT to acquire, based on your contribution to projects in term of IDO/INO programs. Inviting your friends to join IDO/INO programs is the only way to obtain Dynamic NFTs.
NFT tiers will automatically upgrade once deposited funds of your friends in IDO/INO pool exceed the others, driving the evolution of rewards.

NFT Tiers and Rewards Allocation

Top 1~5 point: 3-star NFT (sharing 25% of Sharing pool)
Top 6~20 point: 2-star NFT (sharing 35% of Sharing pool)
Top 21~∞ point: 1-star NFT (sharing 40% of Sharing pool)
If the points of users are equal, the first one breaking into the Top will be eligibly counted and ranked higher postion.

Point Mechanism

  • When B invited by A deposits X money in IDO/INO pool, A will be counted as Contributor and earn X point.
Example: B deposit $100 in the IDO pool. A earn 100 point.
  • When C invited by B deposits Y money in IDO/INO pool B will be counted as Contributor. B will earn Y point and A will earn 50% Y point.
Example: C deposit $200 in the IDO pool. B earn 200 point, A earn 100 point.
Contributor role means you've successfully invited at least 1 friend who already deposited money in IDO/INO pool.