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Tocen Master Key NFTs

Your Key - Your Tocen
4 Levels of Master Keys:
  • The Plain Master Key
  • The Silver Master Key
  • The Golden Master Key
  • The Mythical Master Key
*Royalty fees received from key sales will be utilized to buy back and burn $TOCE token.
Mint Details
Mainnet Total Supply: TBA.
Mainnet Mint Price: TBA
Mainnet Mint Date: TBA
Mainnet Mint Location: TBA
Our team want to ensure that Tocen will be run by its own community in the future and these board members must be well-equipped with Web3 tools, insights and knowledges.
Holding the Tocen Master Key NFTs open the access not only to join IDO in Primary Stage but also get all of airdrops in Community Stage as well as many privileges over others.

Benefits for Holders

  • Priority Access to Tocen IDO Launchpad (Launchpad for tokens)
  • Priority Access to Tocen INO Launchpad (Launchpad for NFTs)
  • Tocen DAO members
  • Staking to receive $TOCE token
  • Boosted $TOCE airdrop
  • Equal rights as VIP4 (fee discount & rebate)
  • Royalty discount on partnered collections
  • Item drops & battle passes of games partners
  • Basic access to all of Tocen's bots (minting, trading, ...)
  • Physical & virtual merch

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Master Key NFT?

Master Keys are Tocen’s NFTs which strongly feature the privileges of their holders. The NFTs were divided to 4 tiers Plain, Silver, Gold and Mythical - the rarest one whose magic is more magical than any existing creatures. Although the benefits of each tier is different from each other, the keys play crucial role in Tocen's ecosystem.

What is the supply of each Key?

The total supply is 3333. However, the tier's supply TBA soon.

What is the price of a Master Key?

The price of Master Key TBA.

What are the benefits of owning a Master Key NFT?

Let's walk through the benefits of holders indicated above.

If I have the key on testnet, will I be airdropped one on mainnet?

No, only the ones have Master Key Holder role in Tocen's Discord are guaranteed a Master Key once Sui mainnet comes. The others need to mint one via Tocen's Launchpad for NFT.

When will the launch of Master Key take place?

TBA. Stay tuned for it.