🚀IDO Launchpad

The Tocen Launchpad aims to incubate and accelerate the selected ideas. We are here to ensure that the strong projects must have a good foundation and match all required criterias for a growth hack and long-term success.

Tocen's new approach promises better results that benefit not only its community but also the project accompanying us. By improving the current fundraising practices with cutting-edge ideas, Tocen will take the chance to drive more Web2 users to the Web3 space.

🔑 The Master Key NFTs concept

Tocen Launchpad differs from other platforms since we think that Web3 mass adoption has to be accomplished with NFTs. By owning Master Keys, Tocen Community is fully prepared for the upcoming journey into the Web3 realm.

The Master Key NFTs open access to our playground and more:

  • Master Key can be known as IDO ticket in the Primary Stage. Holding Master Key grants you the chance to buy the tokens offered on Tocen Launchpad.

  • Master Key NFTs play important roles after Primary Stage. In our Community Stage, holding Master Key enables VIP Privileges in IDOs and airdrops of Web3 items including: $TOCE token, PFP NFTs, Utility NFTs, Domains,...

✍ī¸ How is allocation determined?

In Phase 1

Each IDO project has only 1 Community Pool with "First Come First Serve" Method, we separates investors into 2 groups with different priorities in allocation sharing:

  • Master Key NFT Holders - High Chance to win allocation

  • Public Investors - Very Low Chance to win allocation

In Community Pool, users can subscribe from minimum to maximum individual allocation (vary for each project), and final allocation will be based on the initial deposited amount and timestamp with "First Come First Serve" Method. Any leftover and unused funds will be returned to users on Claim phase once the sale ends.

In Phase 2


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