Frequently asked questions.

Q1. The establishment of Master Key NFTs?

Our team has a strong belief that an ecosystem should be accomplished by NFTs and revolve around NFTs, especially as they’re not only jpeg.

Q2. Is my fund locked during the commit process?

Yes, we need to confirm that users have sufficient funds subscribed to purchase for token sale.

Q3. Will I be charged a fee to stake $TOCE?

There will be no platform fee but network gas fee in terms of staking $TOCE.

Q4. What is the initial market cap of Tocen?


Q5. When will Tocen be ready for official launching?

Tocen team is always ready. Let’s wait for the Sui mainnet on Q2-Q3.

Q6. What are the criterias for projects to be eligible for launching on Tocen?

There are three steps that Tocen must accomplish before launching a project.

Step 1: Due diligence

Step 2: KYC + Audit

Step 3: Tocen Community Shield commitment (optional)

Q7. Price Maintenance Requirement for the project? Can I get a refund if the project's performance when the listing isn't as good as my expectation?

If the price significantly decreases after the IDO, funds deposited in Community Shield will be utilized to offset investors losses.

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