đŸĒ™$TOCE Allocation

The $TOCE token is designed for the Tocen Community

$TOCE is the core governance token of Tocen launchpad and other non-launchpad products. The token use cases are bootstrapping DAO rights, elevating the benefits of Master Key NFTs, participating in exclusive token/NFT sales, earning with staking rewards and more.

  • Ticker: TOCE

  • Contract Address: TBA

  • Chain: Sui Blockchain

  • IDO: May 7th, 2023

$TOCE max supply: 300,000,000 TOCE The $TOCE token will be launched on the Sui network and will have a max supply of 300,000,000 $TOCE

$TOCE use a token burn mechanism to reduce the total supply to 100,000,000 $TOCE. Generated fees from trading, swapping and bridging will be accrued to this mechanism

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