How to execute best swap rates?

General Details

DEX Aggregator or Liquidity Aggregator is a form of service in which the platform offering the service that gathers buy and sell orders from different sources and direct them to the executing party.

The purpose of aggregation is to provide traders with an opportunity to buy an asset at prices close to market average.

With DEX Aggregator, you can access all your information in a single interface. Trading with multiple protocols is possible on the same platform. As cryptocurrency is gaining popularity around the world, more DEXs are flooding the market. Under such circumstances, DEX aggregators can offer the perfect assistance to new traders.

How does Tocen Aggregator work?

The price for a token can change quickly at any point in time. So the best priced trade is not always on one DEX and may involve a combination of trades across many DEXes.

Here are some key features for how Tocen discovers the best priced trades.

Smart Routing

Tocen links all DEX markets and AMM pools, regardless of the provider, and searches for all direct and 2-hop routes between any two tokens on Sui network.

Multi-hop Routing

Tocen compares the prices between markets on different DEXes but often the best priced routes are not direct markets.

Instead, Tocen may find the best price by routing through an intermediary token, e.g. USDT-SUI-TOCE instead of USDT-TOCE. This may be due to price inefficiencies and/or volatility in the various markets that our protocol routes through.

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